Does money buy happiness essay

7 May

Happiness is a difficult word to define. Everyone possesses different perspectives of happiness from their own experience. Some people would say money can buy you happiness because they presume money could give them power, while others disagree. Happiness is a hard word to define. Everyone has different viewpoints on happiness from their own past actions. People would say money can buy you happiness because with that money you’d be able to afford those shoes you want or the trip you’ve been dying to take.
Many desires of people belong to things and materials that can be bought. And here comes an interesting question requires some thinking skills: can your purchases make you happy?
Money is a basic need in our lives to purchase our everyday necessitates. Having a lot of money could be used to purchase fancy and expensive goods, but the satisfaction would only be limited.

Of course, good income level gives you freedom and having enough money means providing yourself a comfortable life. Stable income increases the quality of life, the quality of every day you experience. In my opinion, I do not believe money can buy external joy in our life.
Money is a basic need in our lives to purchase our everyday necessitates.Money is needed for everyone, but it can’t buy everything like a past loved one, or general knowledge.

Money can’t buy you happiness even though it is thought to be one of the most powerful things in life because everyone desires money, but yet money can’t even buy you life-long friends or a loveable family.Love is a feeling of deep affection; it is an incredibly powerful word. Love is an emotion in life that cannot be tarnished because when you love someone, there is no denying it.
When you have an honest relationship with your friends, they’ll be there for you, and stand by your side no matter what happens, unlike though if you chose to buy your friends I can guarantee they’ll leave you as soon you lose your expensive goods.
Money can only be used to purchase material goods such as shelter, a bed and many more items. Many people presume that money can be used to purchase everything in this world, but what it can’t buy you is life lessons and knowledge. In reality, you’ll have to deal with many types of complicated obstacles and money won’t be able to help.
I think that there are a lot of people in the world who think that they might consume more goods to become happier. But my opinion is that people overestimate satisfaction they receive from buying luxurious things. You can use all the money you want to get a good education and become an amazing musician or something, but you won’t learn how to deal with the real world.

Money is a basic need in our lives to purchase our everyday necessitates.
Happiness is a mental state coming from achieving one’s goals or values. Values are determined by the person’s desire of gaining and keeping it. There are two huge kinds of values: those that a person cares about in sense of having or doing something or shows the desire to keep them safe.

For example, many of us had various dreams about being someone in childhood. No one cared about how much money they would earn. When we were children thus we used to dream without any connection to reality. There were many people who wanted to become dancers, artists or writers. But then everyone has faced the necessity to gain money in order to maintain own daily needs. And then people start to change their dreams according to the corrections with their basic needs.
Even if the values that can bring happiness seem spiritual, money makes obtaining it easier. For example, dream about the sustainable family with a couple of kids becomes impossible without being able to constantly purchase material items.
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The level of happiness is not equal to the income level, but it really depends on the quality of material possessions that are affecting daily life.
To conclude, the practical evidence shows that the level of happiness does not always increase accordingly to the amount one consumes. Putting assets on valuable purposes can bring a person closer to happiness.
Happiness cannot be bought by money because life’s most valuable gifts cannot be bought with money, they have to be earned such as friendship and love.